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CR001V - VINYL 2 tracks

12" Vinyl £2.10 £4.19 50% discount

VINYL tracklist

'Air Raid' hits the dance floor with an in-yer-face, neck-breaking beat. Slowly rising and building, the track grows from a minimal loop into a full-on dance floor smasher. Flux's twisted grooves and siren blaring over the top let the crowd know that something dangerous is definitely in the air. Faithful to the original, this remix of 'Streets Of Rage' has all the energy and impact that the clubs loved from Picto's mad-cap D'n'B stomper. 'You vile piece of scum' will be ringing in your ears as this track chops and changes, pumping energy straight onto the dance floor. Get ready, 'cause this one drops hard! With support from the likes of Ntype, Excision, DZ, Afterdark, Shitmat and Trolley Snatcha, this massive debut sets the bar high for future releases on the label.

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